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Ducted Air Conditioning 

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Ducted Air Conditioning 

Here at Dave Whiting Electrical, we specialise in Ducted Air Conditioning.  This is a premium way of controlling the temperature of your entire house or office space.


While most people think of an air conditioner as the unit that sits outside, this is only one component of the ducted air conditioning system. 

There is another unit that is located in the roof cavity. 
This unit in the roof is the indoor air conditioner, while the unit outside is the compressor/condenser unit. 

Together, both parts form the engine of ducted air conditioning, 

Air is pumped through a system of pipes, which are located in the roof space. 

Ducted air conditioners' energy efficiency is greatly aided by dividing the space into different areas ("zoning").

Rooms or areas are individually zoned, which means you can control the airflow in each zone. This also contributes to energy efficiency, and the full benefit is realised if you also take some energy-saving measures, such as keeping doors and windows closed.


Who Is Ducted Air Con Suitable For?

Ducted air conditioning is versatile and is controlled by a zoning system that allows different areas to be turned on or off as needed.


The entire system can be controlled by a timer, which means rooms can be cooled when they need it without leaving the air conditioner on all day.

The house benefits from having no hot or cold spots, which means you can move around the house in complete comfort - Split systems do not offer this luxury.

Children can do their homework in the comfort of their own rooms, while parents can watch their favourite TV shows in peace.

Quiet operation means less disruption to work, and the world-class filtration that ducted air conditioning provides keeps the air clean - day and night.

Internal duct air conditioning vents come in various styles so that they can be used in a wide range of situations. 
They can blend seamlessly into a room's décor or be used as a central design element on a ceiling.

There are several designs, but all perform the same function as a vent to allow air into the chosen room or space.
Some more advanced systems have a LED light that alerts the user that the enclosed filter needs to be cleaned.


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The latest ducted air conditioning systems is the variable refrigerant flow ducted air conditioning system. They are more compact and energy efficient 

This type of system is perfect for multi-story homes with limited ductwork cavities and commercial buildings. 

When choosing the ideal system for your situation, consider the following:

  • The layout of the building you want to cool - Room sizes, location and orientation are all taken into consideration

  • The size and orientation of windows and doors

  • The type of construction and any insulation elements.

  • What the rooms are used for e.g. office space, open plan living areas or bedrooms

The advantages of using ducted air conditioners.

When considering your air conditioning needs, our experience - which spans more than 25 years - is that ducted air conditioning offers more significant benefits to the user than other air conditioning solutions.

There is a system to suit every need, and reverse cycle air conditioning systems have the advantage of being able to both heat and cool: comfortable in the summer, cozy in the winter. 
The benefits of a ducted air conditioning system include:

  • Flexibility in selection for your individual circumstances.

  • Lower operating costs with a selection of high energy efficiency systems

  • Programmable settings to reduce energy waste and further lower air conditioning operating costs.

  • State-of-the-art equipment with greater energy efficiency, with latent temperatures controlled at the touch of a button.

  • Refrigerated duct air conditioning reduces internal humidity and circulates purified air several times per minute during the summer months

  • Systems can now be controlled via wifi applications, allowing full remote control of the system from a smartphone or Ipad.

If you want to know more, don't hesitate to contact Dave and the team.  They'd be happy to provide professional advice on this type of air conditioning system.

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