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Air Conditioning Service 

Did you know - An air conditioning system should undergo regular maintenance and servicing?


Don't wait until your air conditioner stops working before you do anything about it. We can maintain your system and keep your air conditioner performing at a premium level and ensure your system runs efficiently for an extensive period of time.


The benefits of regular maintenance include - increased energy efficiency, operating cost reduction, improved air quality and an increased lifespan of your system​​.


In the event of a breakdown, we are always available to get your air conditioning unit operational as soon as possible, however, this can be avoided with regular servicing.


Replacing Your Air Conditioner

The average lifespan of an air conditioning unit is 15 to 20 years. If its time for an upgrade, we can provide professional advice on replacing your system with less hassle than installing a whole new system. 


As all the piping and drill holes are already in place, we can simply replace your old unit with a brand new one.  The pre-existing tubing and fittings however will need replacing to ensure the new system is installed correctly, and to comply with product warranties.


The main benefit of an air conditioning upgrade is that newer models are much more energy efficient than older units, and you will end up saving on your energy bills.  Ask us how today!

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Please be aware that our peak season for air conditioning servicing and installations starts in October. If you know your system needs a service or an upgrade - Book it in before we get busy

What Does An Air Conditioner Service Involve?

Just like all machinery and equipment, your air conditioner will need some regular cleaning and maintenance.

Each air conditioning system service will vary slightly, but most will involve these basic checks - 

  • clean filters

  • check gas levels

  • check that heating and cooling functions are working efficiently

  • check the airflow

  • check all functions of the air conditioner are operational

  • check the electrical connections

  • check the outdoor compressors are in good working order

Please note that extra maintenance may be required if our team detects any other issues.

Air Conditioning Cleaning

A poorly maintained air conditioner will harbour harmful bacteria, dust and mould within the system.  When the unit is operating, the air that is blown into your home or office has passed through the coil that is full of dirt, dust and mould, therefore being a potential health hazard.

A dirty air conditioner will also be up to 40% more expensive to run, not to mention having less cooling capabilities.

It is therefore recommended to have your air conditioning units serviced and cleaned once every 6 months.

Visual Check

Our team will perform a visual inspection of your air conditioning unit.
We look at its overall condition by dismantling the entire aircon unit, exposing the filter, fins, fan, vents and coil - then check the unit for any leaks or components that my need servicing or replacing.

Clean The Filters

The aircon filters are removed and vacuumed to remove surface dirt, they are then washed to remove contaminants. ​
If the current filters are beyond cleaning, we can install brand new ones.

Air Vents

The blades of the internal air conditioning unit are cleaned with deep cleaning foam. We use non-toxic cleaners which are safe for your office, home, family and pets.

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Air Conditioning Service

Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning service will clean and flush the external compressor.
This improves your air conditioners efficiency, decreases air conditioner noise levels, and prevents it from freezing up.

We strip the aircon coil of any corrosion, grease and dirt; and sanitise the system to prevent the growth of fungi, mould and other contaminants that are often found in AC units.  These harmful bacterias are not something you want to be breathing in.

Test Run

Once we’ve finished cleaning and servicing your air conditioning unit, we reassemble and test it to make sure it is in good working order.  As a result, you will have a unit that is clean, healthier to the environment you breathe, more efficient to run, and much more cost effective.

Whether you are a commercial or residential client, we can schedule you in every 6 months to ensure your systems are clean and operating at optimum capacity all year round.

Get peace of mind with Dave Whiting Electrical's Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance. 

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