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Dave Whiting Electrical has been operating on the Sunshine Coast for over 25 years.

Since our business started, quality has been our focus. By working with the best materials in the industry and employing the most experienced and meticulous contractors, we are able to deliver solid and long lasting solutions for everyone.

When you hire our services, you can count on us for the results you want and need.

We offer service and support after the all installations.

After being in business for 25 plus years, we are not going anywhere so you can be assured that all electrical or solar work we do for you is backed.

Get in touch today, and discover the advantage of working with Dave Whiting Electrical.

We are a  team of highly professional and skilled electrical contractors who work the entire Sunshine Coast region.

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Electrical Service Areas We Cover

We cover all areas of the Sunshine Coast

  • Noosa

  • Caboolture

  • Calounda

Electrical Work We Do

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From a blown fuse and faulty wiring to major electrical work.
We do all residential and commercial work. We are the obvious choice for homes and businesses across the Sunshine Coast.
Ready to handle all electrical repairs and installations.
We are here to help. We offer prompt attendance, accurate diagnosis, and efficient electrical repairs,

solar panel installation sunshine coast.

Solar Energy

When installing a solar system, you need to choose an experienced solar electrician with Clean Energy Council (CEC) accreditation. We have the relevant industry solar training.
Our solar team are all qualified CEC installers and have successfully installed hundreds of solar system across the Sunshine Coast. We can give you clear advice on the system to chose and to stand behind our work


Air Conditioning

Whatever your cooling needs are - For a residential home or a business.
We are air conditioning experts. We can advise you what will work best and install the perfect air conditioning system. We install split systems and ducted air conditioning. We will make a big difference to your home  or workplace comfort levels. Living in Queensland you need the right aircon set up and we are the  trusted team


Air Conditioning Repair Service

Our experienced air conditioning technicians are available to carry out heating and cooling repairs for many major brands both manufactured in Australia and Internationally.

We will make sure we are able to help Queenslanders quickly get their air con repaired so you can continue to enjoy cooling in your home or workplace . We offer commercial air conditioning repair solutions for your business with a 24/7 emergency service.

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HVAC Contractor

A Heating,Venting and Air Conditioning (HVAC)contractor has the important responsibility of ensuring professional installation and the maintenance of all building heating, cooling and air ventilation systems. Keeping a building cooled or heated with the best air quality is important for not only comfort but your overall health.

Let us help you in choosing what HVAC system is right for your home or workplace.

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Antenna Service

Digital only signal and changes in TV antenna design has resulted in antennas which are more efficient.
They are lighter and smaller than most older style TV antennas.
This will mean results in better picture quality and less signal dropouts.
They are  also less obvious additions to a building.

We have been installing TV aerials on all buildings for over 25 years. We can identify whatever causes your poor reception problems and advise on the best option to improve your TV viewing and reception.